Graphic Design & Photography

Hi there! My name is Mary Daniels. I have studied graphic design as a student at the School of Advertising Art for two years and in that time I have developed a passion for photography that has fueled me to pursue a career in the photographic field. This enthusiasm has directed me toward an interest in print advertising and social media content as well. My work is a unique expression of my desire to meet and overcome artistic challenges in graphic design and use my own creative abilities to produce imaginative work.

My Process

When creating my work, I like to follow a process that I have developed over time to help me create the best work possible. For most of my design-based work, I start with a word list, and sketch out my first ideas. Then I refine these initial designs until I've created a final idea, after which I create a moodboard that I follow closely. For the more abstract work that I make, such as my photography, my process varies. I begin with a moodboard and then sketch the final layout, and I follow that closely when taking the images.

My Portfolio